As cloud technologies continue to help organizations transform at a rapid pace, employees with the necessary cloud skills are in high demand. According to LinkedIn data, cloud computing is the number one hard skill companies need most. Typically, a cloud engineer’s duties are a mix of hand-on work and consultation with team members, upper management, and vendors.

day to day activities of aws cloud engineer

A level of complexity can be added to the role when companies have a hybrid cloud, meaning a combination of at least two distinct computing environments that work in tandem. In that case, a cloud engineer would likely need to be conversant in several different programming languages and with the different cloud providers. Ideal candidates should have experience with building or maintaining cloud-native applications and troubleshooting distributed systems and object-oriented programming. Their primary function is to optimize how AWS services are used by an organization, which includes everything from content delivery and writing code to data storage.

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These are great opportunities to pick the brains of the guys who build these services. This can be used to run automated tests, build out a new application in order to learn how to troubleshoot it better, and even try to simulate problems experienced by customers. Even with the latest cloud training, there are new problems ready to be solved and sometimes there are even new products to learn and support. AWS Cloud Support Engineers generally own and maintain their own testbed. Documentation is vital to the health and longevity of computer systems. Creating applications and solutions involves a great deal of creativity.

  • The role typically requires well-developed technical skills and most employers will look for candidates who have at least a few years of work experience in the technical field.
  • Even with the latest cloud training, there are new problems ready to be solved and sometimes there are even new products to learn and support.
  • “In IT, when you encounter a problem you’ve never seen before, it’s probably just a weekday.”
  • There are different roles and responsibilities held by a cloud engineer to sustain cloud data storage.
  • You may support several teams, so you may attend more than one daily stand-up.

Further, a Cloud Engineer may not perform every one of these tasks every day. Some days may be completely absorbed with troubleshooting or dedicated to creating a new integrated deployment script. Nonetheless, Cloud Engineering is a vital role in every company that relies on cloud computing, which is a majority of major companies in the US and around the globe. An AWS SysOps Engineer is an IT professional who is responsible for maintaining the AWS application once it is designed and developed.


He specializes in architecting innovative solutions using emerging technologies, including cloud and edge computing, digital transformation, IoT, and programming languages like C, C++, Python, and NLP. A certification can be useful in building up technical skills and showing employers that you have a baseline of knowledge in the cloud space. If you’re new to the cloud space, try a foundational certification—like the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900. There are several ways you can gain hands-on experience working with the cloud. You can also sign up for a cloud platform account and begin exploring on your own.

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  • These are interactive, immersive classes led by expert AWS instructors who provide guided help to individuals and groups, in person or virtually.
  • There are a plethora of job opportunities that come with cloud computing courses and help you to gain immense success in life.
  • You’ll also have gained foundational skills to help you enter careers in the cloud, IT, or development.

Once you gain significant experience as an AWS SysOps Admin, you can advance your career as an AWS consultant. Cloud Computing Courses typically range from a few weeks to several months, with fees varying based on program and institution. There is a lot to learn, but fortunately, there is an AWS learning path you can follow that will get you to the ultimate destination.

A Day in the Life of an AWS Developer Support Engineer

Other than having sound knowledge about cloud computing, the cloud engineer has to maintain proper communication skills among the team members and the managers. They need to come up with innovative ideas to manage the cloud storage of the company. You can check out the KnowledgeHut website and choose aws cloud engineer among your preferable cloud computing courses which will upgrade your skillset at large. They help to administer any problem related to the cloud and help in creating a bug-free storage system. The concept of cloud technology has been extremely ubiquitous since the commencement of the pandemic.

  • An AWS SysOps administrator responsibilities include managing user access and security.
  • These can be jobs like systems engineer, network engineer, DevOps engineer, and database administrator.
  • Cloud computing is at the forefront of the Digital Transformation for businesses around the world.
  • Learn the fundamentals of cloud development and deployment with AWS and then move on to building different apps leveraging microservices, Kubernetes clusters, and serverless application technology.
  • Creating applications and solutions requires creativity and if the details behind that creativity aren’t captured, it may slow down troubleshooting and make it difficult to solve issues.

If you want to have clear knowledge, do visit the KnowledgeHut website for KnowledgeHut’s Cloud Computing courses that will help you excel in your career. The cloud engineer duties depend upon the company’s need for the cloud. It can differ from company to company based on the intensity of cloud storage. Here is some basic role of a cloud engineer that will give you a clear idea about cloud computing.

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